Tuesday , 22 May 2018
Paleo Diet Weight Loss and its Benefits

Paleo Diet Weight Loss and its Benefits

Paleo Diet Weight Loss benefits

The Paleo diet has made quite a name in the diet world. It is also known as the cavemen diet or the hunter-gatherer diet. ‘Paleo’ stands for Paleolithic which defines the prehistoric era until 10.000 years ago. The Paleo diet weight lossprogram is based on the food pattern of humans in this era and the fact that our genetics are still formed on basis of the human being back then. We became overweight and unhealthy when agriculture was incorporated in our everyday life and instead of hunter-gatherers we became farmers. To make it more concrete, we went from lean meats, vegetables and seasonal fruits to grains – bread, pasta, corn, rice etc. Only our genetics didn’t shift with this agricultural revolution, so our body isn’t built for a majority of grain intake every day. Contrary to regular diet believes these grains are making us fat and unhealthy and should better be left out for Paleo diet weight loss benefits.

Paleo Diet Weight Loss and More

There are many benefits following a Paleo diet. Weight loss is probably the most popular one. Besides losing weight following a paleo diet will also clear your acne, make you sleep better, is more beneficial to your fitness, your well-being (decreases the chance for allergies or flu’s) and your energy level. Besides, following the Paleo diet weight loss program encourages eating as much as you likewhenever you want as long as the food is Paleo-approved. It also emphasizes not working out too much but rather putting in 3 hours of workout per week in which you train more intensively each time.

Paleo Diet Weight Loss success stories

Many people who are starting to follow a Paleo diet notice improvement within the first 30 days and can report a loss of weight while feeling better and not craving sweets that is a side-effect of so many regular diets. Sites like marksdailyapple.com which preach living the Paleo lifestyle have numerous readers reporting a Paleo diet weight loss experience. The fact that you are allowed to get full with Paleo-approved food is a big plus. The only difficulty is for people who eat grains all the time, like bread, pizza, donuts, pasta and rice. It will be hard to fully cut down on all of these foods which is why the Paleo diet has a 80/20 rule. When you cut these grains down to 20% of your diet you will notice a Paleo diet weight loss already.

Should you choose Paleo diet for weight loss?

As the Paleo diet is more of a lifestyle than strictly one can wonder if the Paleo diet is the right diet for weight loss. You will notice that the Paleo diet weight loss effects are really not much different from the more extreme crash diets. The difference is that there are much more added benefits involved in the Paleo diet besides weight loss.

  • Eat as much of Paleo approved food as you want
  • Eat when you are hungry, no strict number of meals per day
  • No calorie counting
  • No craving for sweet foods
  • No hungry feeling
  • More energy, sleep better, increase your workouts
  • Better health

Paleo diet weight loss resources

When you are ready to start reaping the Paleo diet weight loss benefits you’re probably wondering what would be a good place to start. There are many books written about the Paleo diet already, but a good place to start is by reading the The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. This book provides you with the basics for Paleo diet weight loss.