Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Diabetic Diets

For every diabetic monitoring your own blood glucose (sugar) levels can be vitally important in controlling your diabetes. The current treatments in diabetes whether medicines or diet focus on trying to keep blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible. There are two main ways to monitor the body’s glucose levels, testing for “blood” glucose and testing for “urine” ... Read More »

Green Tea Weight Loss – Using Green Tea Extract For Losing Weight

Most people are well aware that the way to lose weight is to burn off more calories than we consume each day. In order to speed up this process, many people seek out anything that provides a helping hand, with weight loss teas high on the list. One weight loss aid that has proved highly beneficial is Green Tea. Green ... Read More »

Cooking Pumpkin and Brussels Sprouts with Poached Eggs

The popularity of cooking pumpkin spice products shows no signs of slowing down. You can now purchase pumpkin spice pizza, kombucha, and dog treats—there’s even a pumpkin spice sneaker. Given the level of obsession, buying an actual pumpkin to cut up and roast feels like a total disregard for convention, but just do it. It’s worth it; trust us. Fresh, roasted pumpkin ... Read More »

Myabetic Clark Diabetes Supply Case for Glucose Monitoring Tools, Includes Insulation Lining – High Quality Material (Blue)

Do you currently use a cosmetic, pencil or camera case for your diabetes supplies? Or worse, a plastic bag? When it’s time for a blood sugar check, do you have to rummage to find the correct device or tool while attempting to be discrete? Stop fumbling and treat yourself to a Clark case, designed specially for diabetes lifestyles. The compact, ... Read More »

Glucocil – The Simple Secret For Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Available since 2008, only   Glucocil – The Simple Secret For Normal Blood Sugar Levels  targets all 3 Essentials of Normal Blood Sugar—glucose absorption, glucose production, and glucose uptake—to produce results that have made it the #1 comprehensive blood sugar support product, with more than 100,000 Facebook fans. Promotes normal blood sugar levels Promotes weight loss Reduces absorption of sugars & other ... Read More »