Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Fad Diets Are Actually Doing to Your Health

Keto, Whole30, Paleo. Even if you haven’t tried them, you definitely know the names—these are the trending eating styles engineered to make us stronger, leaner, hyperfocused, and more energized. Each is founded on an element of science and boasts an enthusiastic fan club raving testimonials all over social media. As a result, these programs are pretty enticing. “People want more control over ... Read More »

Foods Allowed on the Paleo Diet – Real Meals For Weight Loss

The essence of the Paleo diet lies in the idea of eating foods eaten by our progenitors for effective weight loss. As indicated by the promoters of the Paleo diet, there are three primary factors that cause many people in the modern era to suffer from health issues. First of these factors is the food we eat. In ancient times, ... Read More »

Paleo Diet Food List – Lose Weight and Eat Healthy

When you are following a Paleo diet weight loss program you are encouraged to eat as much lean meat and vegetables as you like (animals, plants & insects, just like our ancestors), but you should leave grains and dairy out of your diet as much as possible. To put this into perspective here’s a list of what you can and can’t eat ... Read More »

Paleo Diet Weight Loss and its Benefits

Paleo Diet Weight Loss benefits The Paleo diet has made quite a name in the diet world. It is also known as the cavemen diet or the hunter-gatherer diet. ‘Paleo’ stands for Paleolithic which defines the prehistoric era until 10.000 years ago. The Paleo diet weight lossprogram is based on the food pattern of humans in this era and the fact ... Read More »

Can Paleo Diet Recipes Help You Lose Weight?

It’s hard when you have to leave out a whole food group in your Paleo diet, especially when you are used to eating grains every day. Hopefully we can make it a bit easier with these few example Paleo diet recipes. These will show that it is really possible to eat delicious every time and get full and not crave ... Read More »